Competency-Based Education

Prove you already know it , and get credit for it. Don't spend time and money studying things you already know.

At GIU, we recognize and reward prior learning by giving you the opportunity to pass assessments ( test out courses) using knowledge you already have.

Compency-based education is uniquely suitable for many pastors / preachers / ministers who already have significant ministry experience and Bible knowledge , but no degree. We recognizes and rewards prior learning by giving you the opportunity to pass assessments using knowledge you already have.

A number of State Universities have adopted Compency-based Education; for example University of Wisconsin .

Here is how Competency-based education works:

At the beginning of each course, students are given the opportunity to take competency evaluation assessments (exams/ quizzes/ and other assignments) to determine whther they have mastered the comepetencies ( knowledge and skills) required to meet the objectives of the course.

Students who pass the competency evaluation receive credit for the course and move on to their next course. Students who fail the competency evaluation are assigned study materials to fill the gaps based on the results of their competency evaluation.

You only study what you need to learn. We don't want you to spend time and money studying/ revisiting things you already know.